Quick start

Beginner's guide
Navigate to Bookmarks or Passwords. Enter any combination of letters, digits and symbols as STORE-ID / STORE-KEY to create a new store or connect to an existing store. Install a bookmarklet or a browser extension to access your bookmarks, passwords & TOTP easily.
 How to insert a password
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How to use bookmarklets
A bookmarklet is a browser bookmark that contains a JavaScript command instead of a URL. With the bookmarklet you add new bookmarks to your bookmark stores or new username & password pairs to your password stores. With the Passwords bookmarklet you also retrieve previously saved credentials when needed.
Drag these links to your browser bookmark toolbar: 🔖 Bookmark · 🔒 Passwords
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Browser extensions

Extensions for desktop browsers
You can use browser extensions instead of bookmarklets. Chromium based desktop browsers (Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi) are compatible with the Chrome extensions below. You have to provide a backend URL for the extension to work properly (in extension settings/options). Check the source code of the extensions or install & run the extensions locally: extensions.zip
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On mobile

IOS and Android phones and tablets
Use the built-in SHARE menu of your phone or tablet to share URLs to:
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Import & export bookmarks

How to import browser bookmarks
Import or export your bookmarks from (to) a standard bookmark HTML file or CSV: Bookmarks » Import & Export. CSV is a common data exchange format and the abbreviation stands for Comma Separated Values (e.g. url,title,description). CSV files can be opened and edited with spreadsheet software. With a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc clean and reorganize your bookmarks beforehand if necessary.
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Import & export passwords

How to import credentials from a CSV list
CSV is a widely used data exchange format. The abbreviation stands for Comma Separated Values (e.g. website,username,password). CSV files can be edited with a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc. To import or export your usernames and passwords from (to) CSV, navigate to Passwords » Settings.
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How to pay for your stores
Click PURCHASE and you'll be redirected to our FastSpring payment page. After a successful payment (10 stores = USD2500/year + VAT if applicable), our payment processor - FastSpring.com, will generate a Console Access Token for you. Navigate to CONSOLE to mark your stores PAID. We do not need to know your email address. You can use a temporary (one-time) email address when making the payment.
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The Great Purge

Unpaid/expired stores are deleted twice a week!
The Great Purge is a software script that deletes unpaid and expired stores. The Great Purge is scheduled to run two times a week. Only unexpired stores marked PAID survive the Great Purge.
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A backup server at hand
All stores are synced to a backup server in another datacenter daily. In case our service or the infrastructure of our provider is inaccessible, you can temporarily switch to the backup location. Backup URL can be found in Console.
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Double encrypted passwords; optionally encrypted bookmarks
STORE-ID and STORE-KEY never leave your device. Use a strong STORE-KEY and backup your stores regularly. In case you forget a STORE-ID/STORE-KEY pair, the data is lost forever!

Passwords: Usernames and passwords are always encrypted and decrypted on your device with Rabbit, using a key derived from STORE-KEY. The store file is further encrypted server-side with AES.

Bookmarks: Bookmarks are optionally encrypted and decrypted on your device with Rabbit, using a key derived from STORE-KEY. The store file on the server is a standard non-encrypted SQLite3 database file. Encrypted bookmarks = no favicons and no search.
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Privacy & Cookies

Privacy related information
This website does not use trackers, analytics and advertisement; does not collect and does not share any sort of personal information. Navigational information including IP addresses is stored in logs but not processed or shared in any way. Logs are deleted every day at 3am UTC. 10stores.uk is affiliated with justblab.com.
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How to self-host the software on your own premises
Coming soon!
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Contact us

How to contact us
Send us a message using the form below. If you are expecting a reply, please make sure you provide a valid email address. Your email address will not be stored anywhere and will only be used to reply to your message. If you try to send multiple messages, only the first one will actually be sent. We always reply within 24 hours.